13+ Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Designs Ideas

Having rustic kitchen cabinets can seem strange, especially when you have a modern style house. However, this can be a unique point or corner for your house. The combination between modern and traditional will certainly appear contradictive, but it will be a great detail for the house.

Going out of the box and being experimental is needed to see a great combination or figure what is matching or not, especially for designers of homes. The rustic style is comparable to shabby chic style. The combination of both traditional and modern will make it easy to manage,

The existence of organic, antiquated textures, forms and colors are the source of inspiration for rustic style. This is actually the essential element of country cottage and farmhouse interiors. Therefore, you might have seen rustic elements in those places interior design.

1. Rustic Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Bede Design

Designing house with rustic style can be tricky. One wrong move, you may regret your choice. You need to get everything well-balanced or well-coordinated.

You can see these kitchen designs idea for your inspiration. This kitchen in particular combines dark wood with red color. They design the floor and ceiling with wooden planks which actually balance rustic style.

Having time-worn rustic kitchen cabinets with wooden plank is a great combination since it brings the atmosphere of rustic country kitchen. The design will not only bring the atmosphere of country kitchen but it also spreads a warm vibe which every kitchen needs.

The flow in the ceiling beams, the floorboards creel with age and the knots in the wooden pin wall will complete your experience of rustic country kitchen.

2. Perfect Stones Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Karl Neumann photo

Other than wood, stones can be applied to complete rustic style as well. When you are not sure of what to with wood to complete your rustic kitchen style, stone should be your first consideration. Woods and stones are essential elements of nature.

You can choose whether to design the stone to cover the entire wall or just half of it, or even a small bit of it as an accent to the kitchen. By having rustic kitchen cabinets design, the stone walls will show proper rustic atmosphere of the kitchen.

If you already have some elements of stone in the kitchen walls, you can have another option of stones by putting it in the kitchen countertops, for example granite or quatz.

3. Rustic Mixes With Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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As previously been mentioned before, having rustic kitchen cabinet in a modern house can be a bold choice; however, it is not actually a bad option. This can be a great option for your house design and as an experiment for you to see.

You can take a look at this modern kitchen design, everything is dominated by modern kitchen element but you still can see a small touch of decoration of rustic kitchen.

This can be a safe choice for you who want to experiment but don’t want to risk too much, so you can start by having small details. It still looks modern but with a warm touch of rustic style for the lighting.

Moreover, you can also do the opposite. If you have rustic kitchen cabinets you can have some modern additions as the accessories.

4. The Best Wood For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

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The usage of woods for rustic kitchen is often associated with something dark and dramatic. Of course that is not true, wood is also able to be light, airy and white. Everything depends on how you style the kitchen with rustic elements.

When you have small kitchen, it doesn’t go with dark color styles because it will display an even smaller illusion. Small kitchen needs more light and bright to seem alive and comfortable. So, if you’d like to have rustic style in a small kitchen, you should consider having painted white wood.

The addition of metal kitchen island and rustic kitchen cabinet as shown in the picture makes the room feel large and airy, and of course rustic.

5. Rustic Primitive Kitchen Cabinets

Gage Homes

Rustic style kitchen is also great with the concept of painting. You can go and try to apply primitive paint design which is aged paint, time-worn and chipping. Rustic kitchen cabinets go well with primitive paint and improve the rustic style.

These furniture are also easy to find, you can find them in flea markets. So if you don’t have the time to paint it yourself, you can always buy one.

6. Add Accessories To Your Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

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Having accessories improves the style of any room, including a kitchen. Unique accessories for the kitchen will give more impressions and value. You can always experiment with the choice of accessories, but for rustic style, you can add stone statues, carved vintage mirrors and country ornament. You can easily add this to your kitchen and create a better style of rustic kitchen cabinets. This certainly will look stunning.

7. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Summer our

If you are looking for something different for your rustic kitchen design, you can have a fireplace in the kitchen. A fireplace? Yes, that’s right! A fireplace is a nice touch for rustic kitchen design.

It doesn’t have to be only an accessory but you can have a real fireplace to cook something such as a wood-cook one that is quite practical.

A fireplace will enhance the rustic kitchen atmosphere. Moreover, you can always mix it with rustic kitchen cabinets.

8. A Rustic Kitchen Cabinets With Feminine Flair

Design Visions of Austin

You may or may not have noticed that mostly, the ideas for kitchen cabinets above are pretty masculine in its nature. So, if you would like to have a feminine touch for rustic kitchen cabinets design, you can have it too.

Maintaining a rustic style, a feminine flair is a great theme to have in the kitchen.

Additionally, it’s not hard to create as well. All you need to do is add some beautiful textiles on the elements. For instance, you can cover the chair with elegant fabrics or add some rugs or curtains.

9. Rustic Hanging Pot Racks Kitchen Cabinets


Hanging pot racks are great idea when you gave limited space in the kitchen. However, if you look at it in a different perspective, you can also create a rustic style with this.

This is a simple and creative idea needed by every home owner because then you can have more space as well as create a rustic kitchen style. You can design the hanging pot under the ceiling.

Furthermore, you can make it by yourself from inventive materials or you can buy them from the stores. This element would be a great choice for your rustic kitchen cabinets.

10. White Rustic Kitchen Cabinets


Rustic style kitchen opens to a lot of variation, so it doesn’t always have to be covered in bare timber. You can be creative like these white rustic kitchen cabinets and apply some shade to finish the style.

Painting the walls and cabinets with rustic or country color is a good choice to have to increate rustic style atmosphere.

When you see this white rustic kitchen, the elements of rustic are little; however, this can still be considered as rustic style because there are some rustic elements inside.

11. Best Colors For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

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Bare wood is a great option for rustic style but it doesn’t have to be the only option. You can see in the picture that the only accent of bare wood is the floor and the entire kitchen is painted in deep country blue color. Nonetheless, it still has the atmosphere of rustic right?

A deep country blue color is one of the shades that you need to have if you can to have a rustic kitchen design. It will be way different if you choose bright color light like yellow lime.

12. Rustic Kitchen Designs With Unfinished Pine Kitchen Cabinets


Warm caramel is one of the best color shades that you can apply to your rustic style kitchen. This color really goes well with rustic kitchen cabinet. The combination of rough and natural design of unfinished pine wood on the cabinets will bring life to the kitchen.

Additionally, you can also add some light countertops just like in the picture. It serves a great combo with pine wood color.

A light-colored accent is a good choice to balance the unfinished pine wood cabinets.

13. Rustic Knotty Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Log Cabins homes

Having knotty as the material for rustic kitchen cabinets will bring the vibe of rough and lively kitchen. Adding pine wood with lighter natural color can provide a warm and cozy feel to the kitchen.

As an alternative of light color for the counter top, you can actually have darker shades which will create a great contrast to the kitchen cabinets. This is a great combination for rustic style.

14. Great Rustic Kitchen

Great Rustic Kitchen by pinterest

There is no limit for design, including rustic kitchen design. You can always go further and go out of the box with the design. For example, you can choose this dark and antique style of rustic. Undeniably, this is the classic choice for rustic kitchen.

The vintage pendant light above the kitchen island fits perfectly to the design. Having a dark-brown shade to cover all kitchens is quite bold but it serves the impression of unique and antique.

You can add stone elements and accent to balance the design. To avoid a dark kitchen, you have to pick the proper lighting for the kitchen.

Conclusively, there is not limitation on how to design a kitchen. You can always experiment to figure out the best design and what’s great for you. For rustic kitchen cabinets, you can combine them with almost anything from modern to unique one. So, go above and beyond and be creative with your choice to design the kitchen of your dream.

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