Google Panda Update Cartoon by Kalin Nacheff - Bloodthirsty Panda, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Panda
About year ago Google announced the first Panda update, which, in layman’s terms, was a big change in how Google ranked different websites. The purpose of this change was to lower the rank of low-quality websites and push quality ones near the top of Google search results. Google Panda updates were a good thing for society because they aimed at helping us find the most relevant and useful information in the constantly cluttering Web.  It was bad only for businesses that relied on websites containing useless information well-optimized for then Google’s ranking algorithm. Among the punished in the Google Panda updates, were the so-called content farms—businesses/websites generating enormous amounts of low-quality, badly-written articles. For them, Panda was the equivalent of bloodthirsty Leatherface, the killer from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film franchise.  For everyone else, the world is a better place. I dedicate my bloody Panda cartoon to content farms.

P.S. – I predicted Google Panda two years before it was born.

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